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Why are you dancing Argentine tango?

Why are you dancing Argentine tango?

Today I would like to propose a question to each of you: why do you dance Argentine tango?
It's not a quiz or multiple choice test, it's not a survey, there are no conclusions like personality tests ;-) so I invite you to answer sincerely. 

With a few moments of honest reflection you will give yourself a gift and you will better understand your current relationship with tango and how much this wonderful dance can still offer you.
 Don't limit yourself to the simple and quick "because I like it": if you investigate inside yourself you will certainly find a more articulated answer.

What does the Argentine tango give you?
The emotion of embracing, the beauty of dancing together, the pleasure of dancing just that kind of music, the taste of being with other people who share the same passion as you, the pleasure of seducing or being seduced, the desire to dress elegantly to go to milonga, the hope of finding a partner for life ... etc... tell the truth, be true to yourself! There is no answer more deserving than others and none can be considered right or wrong, beautiful or ugly.

Have you been dancing tango for a long time?
Probably what it gave you when you started dancing is probably different from what it gives you today... and it's normal especially if you have been doing it for several years...

So I'm going to propose you a second quick thought: Why did you start tango dancing?

Did you start tango dancing because you were curious? ? because you were alone and looking for company? because you'd seen a movie? because you were musically attracted by the so-called tango nuevo?
 Because you always have dreamed about it? because you wanted to be an attractive milonguero or a sensual seguidoras? because you were dragged by your girlfriend/wife while you wouldn't even pass through the antechamber of the brain? Or, on the contrary, was it the boyfriend/husband who dragged you?

I invite you to "observe" your sincere answer, without criticizing it, whatever it is: remember that thanks to that motivation you are now dancing this wonderful dance and so you should thank you for the step you have taken.

With this second reflection you will probably be able to integrate the first answer you gave yourself (i.e. why do I dance tango today?) adding other interesting motivations/considerations.

Personally I think that reflecting on what makes us feel good helps us to understand how to feel even better.

The fruit of reflection makes us get straight to the point.
I often wonder what the tango gives me, deep down, and every time I add pieces to the mosaic....


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