Argentine Tango

DIdactic method

DIdactic method

Our aim is to teach you to dance, “feeling”  Argentine Tango, not to simply show you repetitive dance sequences, which surely you will forget if they have not been broken down and analysed enough. A large space is dedicated to the technique,  (maintaining one’s equilibrium, posture, contact with the ground, the transfer of weight, disassociation of the body), and to musicality ( each couple’s ability to recognise musical phrase, accents and particular interpretations given by different orchestras).
Each and every sequence proposed is broken down so as to arrive at the single step, that is analysed in its geometry, so that personal awareness of the direction/s our steps and movements  take is developed, a fundamental element for a time/space relationship.   
At the basis lies the quality of the communication between the dancers, the precision and clarity with which a proposal is made and its response, in “listening”,  equilibrium and mutual respect for male and female roles. 
All this because we are firmly convinced that dancing Tango is a dialogue and not a monologue.

Can we dance a tango using only ochos?

Do you want to dance in black and white or in colors?


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