Didactic method

Didactic method

The didactic course, based on the refinement of one own consciousness of the body includes:
a) listening and releasing one sensitiveness, body/energetic static/dynamic
b) analysis of the different ways of “communicating”: hands, arms, chest, eyes
c) improvisation both single and working in couples, supported by : communication codes dictated by Argentine Tango, elements that have their roots in contemporary dancing, theatre/dance and contact improvisation.
d) musical interpretation , both individual and in couples

Dancing is without tango shoes, using only tennis shoes or socks. No Tango steps or sequences  are either taught or emphasised

Tangosensibile®, which explores espressive and creative aspects, is open to tango dancers of all levels whatever their “experience”,  it is also open to actors and dancers of every type including those who think they can’t dance!!

First Tangosensibile video presentation ( still called Sensitive tango)


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