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The Essentia association

The Essentia association

The cultural association “Essentia” – sensitiveness in dance expression – was born in the summer of 2002 posing as its objective that of a continuous search as to the very essence of movement.
The roots come from the spirit of  “Sensitive Dance ” the conscious practising of movements, created by Claude Coldy - the renowned French choreograph and dancer, together with a couple of  French osteopaths - and the energy of Tangosensibile®, a fusion of Sensitive Dance and Argentine tango, created by Dario Moffa, dancer and teacher in Turin, north Italy.
Tangosensibile® allows Sensitive Dance to be expressed in yet other artistic forms.

Essentia’s aim is that of taking advantage of the potential of the essence of dance, not only as a source of expressive development, but also as a pedagogic and therapeutic resource, “rediscovering” the innate pleasure of an essential movement promoting personal growth and self expression, that is so necessary and so “essentially part of the human being ”. Essentia, directed by Dario Moffa and Monica Bozzano following its fundamental principles, works along didactic lines embracing also performance of tango (often mixed with contemporary dance) and social entertainment .


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