Tangosensibile® for companies and firms

Tangosensibile<sup>®</sup> for companies and firms

The intelligence of the body: dancing the relationship

Dance allows the focus on body listening, which is the first focus of the relationship.
Tango, specifically, is a dance based on improvisation and therefore needs body language through which to understand each other.
Acquiring this ability improves non-verbal interpersonal communication, stimulates interpersonal and listening skills, and promotes both group dynamics within the staff and stress reduction.
Attention to these aspects brings benefits in terms of quality of professional and individual life, with a positive return both on the organisation to which one belongs and on professional performance.

Specifically, the training course, based on refining one's body awareness, helps to understand and improve relational skills and leadership styles.
Tango has two roles: leader and follower. There is no 'good leader' if there is no good follower.
In addition, tango is based on improvisation and therefore clarity of information and listening to the other are fundamental to the good result that can only be achieved if both 'work'
All this indicates that, put in a business perspective, it is very useful for improvement:
    ⁃ relations between manager and co-workers
    ⁃ relations between managers and executives
    ⁃ clarity to avoid misunderstandings
    ⁃ the ability to handle the unexpected
    ⁃ the ability to share space
    ⁃ the energetic quality in proposing/guiding and translating
    ⁃ enhancement of the employee by eliminating passivity

Tangosensibile® was born in 2002 as an application modality of Danza Sensibile® (born in the 1990s from the meeting between Claude Coldy, dancer and choreographer, and a couple of French osteopaths: J. Louis Dupuy and Marie Guyon) in mixture with Argentine tango, with the aim of examining the subtle dynamics of couple dance, in space and time, and the bodily dialogue that music can generate and stimulate.
Starting from this initial approach, after more than 20 years of growth and enhancement in projects and seminars, Tangosensibile® has developed and deepened its work on listening, awareness and communication, thus becoming an effective tool for developing, through body work, various fundamental themes relating to relationships, contact and communication with the other, and the role of emotions in contact and communication.

To participate in the training activity, it is not necessary to know how to dance the tango, or any other type of dance.

The methodology adopted makes it possible to present and propose new knowledge by enhancing the resources already present in the participants through listening and awareness practices, bodily and energetic, static and dynamic, individually, in pairs or in groups,
moments of discussion, confrontation and debriefing.

Steps of the pathway
- analysis of differences in communication through: hands, arms, chest, gaze
- deepening of the concept of intentionality in movement and body transmission
- focus on the quality of contact as a body communication tool
- improvement of posture, rootedness, one's own and the other's centre of gravity
- energetic listening practices, eyes closed, trust practices
- recognition of asymmetry in relationships

Course structure
Two 8-hour meetings held periodically or over a weekend.
A classroom of at least 60 sq m with a stereo system and preferably parquet flooring is required for the activity.

Dario Moffa
Dancer and tango teacher. After 15 years as an account in advertising agencies, first in Fore and then in the Armando Testa group where he held the position of Vice Client Director, he decided in 2001 to devote himself to what he loved most: dance.
His artistic career began in the world of theatre, grew in contemporary dance, contact improvisation and dance theatre, to consolidate in Sensitive Dance® and Argentine Tango, which, through his personal research, he transformed into Tangosensibile®.
President and Educational Director of the Essentia cultural association in Turin, he has been holding courses and seminars in Italy and abroad since 2002.

Dario Moffa
Professional dancer and teacher of Argentine tango - creator of Tangosensibile® - consultancy
Tel. 347 6959746 - dario.moffa.tango@gmail.com




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