What is Tangosensibile®

What is Tangosensibile<sup>®</sup>

Tangosensibile®, created by Dario Moffa, is a mixture of Sensitive Dance® and Argentine tango. It examines the subtle dynamics of couple dance, when two people dance together as one, in space and time, and the bodily dialogue that music, a common friend, can generate and stimulate.
Attention is paid to the quality of contact and relationship, also looking for the playful, hedonistic and interpretative aspect in a dance that has in improvisation and freedom of composition its truest and deepest soul.

Through the analysis of the movement of our body, both as a whole and in its individual parts such as hands, arms, chest, etc. ... it stimulates the ability to feel: ourselves, the other and the space around us.

Listening and sensitization practices, bodily and energetic, static and dynamic, and improvisational, single and couple proposals are used.

Tangosensibile® allows anyone who dances tango, at any level, to acquire a new awareness in communication with the partner, in music. Furthermore, Tangosensibile® favours personal development and offers everyone the possibility to develop a new body awareness.
Tangosensibile®, which explores and stimulates creative and expressive possibilities, is not only aimed at tango dancers at any level, but is open to all, also those with no tango experience.
No "steps" or sequences are taught: just put yourself to the test.

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